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• Model: STS2606WH

• 2 slots for making two slices (length 135 mm) 

• Electronic timer – 7 toasting intensity levels

• Automatic bread ejection and shut off after the completion of toasting
• Automatic centering function for even toasting of both thick and thin toast

• Length of power cord: 85 cm
• Power input: 750 W
• Dimensions (L x D x H): 259 x 154 x 177 mm  & Weight: 0.89 kg

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In stock

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The Best Toaster To Have Crusty Bread At Any Time

Are you looking for a toaster for your favorite sliced ​​bread? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you have the best toaster, you will be able to prepare delicious toasts of warm and crusty bread with the ingredients you like the most, such as peanut butter, jam of the fruit you enjoy the most, cream cheese, tomato or just oil and salt.


No matter how you prepare the slices of bread, they are sure to be delicious, crisp, and evenly toasted, thanks to these small appliances that will save you time not only in the morning but at any time of the day when you want to make some.

TOASTER STS2606WH | Sensor

The Sencor brand is one of the best known in the market, a manufacturer of home appliances that offer us a compact stainless steel toaster in an exquisite graphite black color of the best quality. It has an automatic bread centering system with which you will achieve a uniform toast in all the slices; it also has an integrated folding bun warmer to keep the bread always warm and which can be used to defrost or reheat even the pastries.


Forget about crumbs on the kitchen counter, as it has a crumb tray that comfortably catches all of them at the bottom so that later you just have to empty them in the trash.


This electric toaster has a maximum power of 750 W. It has a safety function in which it switches off automatically in the event that the bread is blocked, as well as a luminous stop button, in case we want to stop the bread earlier toasted.

You can brown the bread to your liking because it has 7 toasting intensity levels, choosing a different toast for every two slots if you wish, it also has a Bagel button, which is perfect for toasting only one side of the slice and leaving the other very soft and fluffy to the touch. If when preparing toast what you are worried about is that the crumbs could fall on your countertop leaving a real mess, this Sencor toaster may be the solution, as it has two drawers of crumbs that are responsible for collecting all the remains of bread that they can appear while slices or buns are toasting.


It has a modern design and shape in white for the newer kitchens, and it is very convenient to store since it not only has a reasonably compact size, but you can also collect its cable at the base and thus take up less space when stored.

The self-centering mechanism for bread is very useful as this will ensure that your slices brown evenly, from the center to the edges. The reheat function is perfect if you need to reheat muffins or defrost; by having this toaster and leaving two slices of bread at the same time being able to regulate the level of intensity and tanning time.


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